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Logistics Support

Logistics Support

DTC provides a full range of Logistics Support planning and management services. Since 1988, we have provided excellent logistics support services in the areas of, shipping, receiving, tracking, transportation, document and property management. We stay on top of ever changing data so customers can have an up–to–the–minute picture of inventory and stock replenishment.

We have a long standing record of providing excellent property, facilities and transportation management support services to the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division for over a decade. We built a strong relationship with the Navy’s Ordnance Department, providing logistics support for its Weapons Delivery System, which included but was not limited to training government personnel on bomb assembly and weapons certification training classes. We also worked with the Ordnance Flight and Weapons Characteristics to support its test and evaluation requirements. In addition, DTC provided safety inspections for government activities that involved using, storing and transporting aviation related munitions of all kinds.

Additional Areas of Logistics Support Expertise

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Manpower and Personnel
  • Supply Support
  • Support Equipment
  • Technical Data
  • Personnel Training
  • Computer Resources Support
  • Facilities Support
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation
  • Clerical and Administrative Support
  • Automated Asset Database Management
  • Material Handling and Inventory Control
  • Shipping, Receiving and Distribution
  • Maintain Custody Transfer Files
  • Security Support
  • Visitor Control
  • Security Work Processing Support
  • Base–wide Inventory System including Webster Field