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DTC to provide Logistics, Maintenance and Supply Support (LMSS) to the DoD

As a subcontractor to Alion Science and Technology, Diverse Technologies Corporation will provide Logistics, Maintenance and Supply Support (LMSS) to DoD agencies including the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

DTC will support Alion Science and Technology by providing a variety of acquisition, technical, IT solutions and enterprise alignment support to a number of DoD agencies. Specifically, DTC will provide total lifecycle systems management for business processes, including the planning, implementation, execution and retirement of DoD LMSS initiatives. In addition, DTC will support a number of initiatives to move to an enterprise-wide, life-cycle alignment of resources and outputs, which will enable the DoD to achieve top-down performance driven outcomes.

Through this contract, DTC will be supporting the mission of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Joint DoD Maintenance Resource Planning (MRP II) Program Office (PMA 203). The Program Office (PMA 203) is responsible for providing support for business processes, services and IT solutions for LMSS functions, which enables the improvement of performance and workflow.

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